About Us


UMTHA is a Facilitation, Communication planning and management, Research specialized consulting company established in the year 2000.Ai?? Umtha is a Black, woman owned company registered as a close corporation, in Cape Town.

UMTHA consultants have been trained and have gained experience in Social Marketing-Marketing an Idea, an experience and knowledge necessary for communicating new ideas and concepts that are intended to change peopleai??i??s attitudes and behaviours.

We also have the ability and experience of introducing new concepts (to illiterate and semiliterate communities) that have some responsibility tied into the information disseminated. We have been able, in past projects, to translate policy to the level of understanding of the target community especially using the language of the target community.

We have good track record of projects that yield good results, through effectively involving the target community in the proceedings and facilitating a good sound understanding of issues under discussion.


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UMTHAai??i??s vision is to provide a nationally recognised professional service rooted in the efficient management of emerging challenges in South Africa, thus enhancing growth and sustainability.


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The company seeks to facilitate transformation and integrated development in projects rolled out in communities, through innovative and scientific-based methods, for public and private stakeholders that are committed to socio-economic development


As a company we are committed to: