What We Do



Facilitation, Public Participation; Communication Planning and Management

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Facilitation, Public Participation; Communication Planning and Management

At Umtha we believe that a successful project is directly related to effective communication within that project. We offer a complete 360Es projects facilitation and communication service and specialise in ensuring that this aspect is adhered to and done in a professional manner.

In the recent past we find ourselves working more and more with consulting engineers on infrastructure development projects, our role being that of:

    • facilitating stakeholder engagement,
    • soliciting buy-in and co-operation for the project in the target community.


This is achieved through clear transparent communication and translating policies to the level of understanding of men in the street.

Umtha prides itself in taking away that responsibility from the projectai??i??s technical team and managing all aspects relating to public participation, meaningful involvement and communication ensuring a successful and sustainable outcome.


The company has been involved in facilitating various Communication, Education and Capacity Building project for the various local councils such as Property Valuation Project for the City of Cape Town where it was tasked with communicating and educating the PDI communities who never had their properties valued, about the valuation process and how property rates are determined, thus soliciting buy-in and the subsequent payment of rates.


Research Planning and Management

Research, led by Nontobeko Rosemary Jacobs who has conducted a number of research projects in partnership with UCTai??i??s School of Public Health and alone, asAi??Umtha Consultancy. She has a certificate from the HSRC in conducting Qualitative Research (Focus Group interviews and transcription)

The company has conducted various research project both Quantitative and Qualitative in nature, amongst others:

  • Soul City ai??i?? Qualitative formative studies,
  • Environmental Scoping Studies and Impact Assessment in partnership with SRK Environmental Consultants and CCA Environmental.
  • Socio -Economic Surveys- beneficiaries of Housing Projects,

Program Evaluation e.g. Impact of FAS prevention program in Western Cape


TrainingAi??and Capacity Building

Ai??Umtha Consultancy prides itself by having training facilitators, Assessors and Moderators that are accredited by the Services SETA. Our policy in implementing project in community, is to recruit fieldworkers from the target community, train them effectively and give the opportunity to implement the project in their community. With that kind of intervention we ensure that there is skills transfer, job creation and Capacity Building.


Creative Design and Production

Ai??We specialize in illustrative design communication and production services that are simple and easy to understand especially for the medium to lower end consumers, who might be illiterate or semi illiterate, in a way that is effective and convenient for our clients.

We offer simple easy to understand creative solutions for service orientated organizations/companies. who need to communication and work with these medium to low end consumers.

Being a black owned company, we are well positioned as we have a very good understanding of these markets, (predominantly black), and how to effectively communicate to them using messages and visuals that they can easily identify with, having worked and grown up in these communities.


We plan to offer convenient and cost effective solutions that are within their budget, that save them time and money whilst still offering a quality up to standard service and product. This means we handle their creative solutions for them allowing them to focus on their core business.


Products and Services:


Graphic Design:

    • Corporate ID
    • Illustration
    • Posters
    • Banners
    • Promotional material (Print, clothing stationary)
    • Flyers
  • Layout
  • Translation of all the services into the 3 main languages in the WC (English, Xhosa and Afrikaans)



This involves the production of all the designed material through sourcing, create samples and produce the final product for the client.